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Kyani Team Genesis are independent Australian distributors for Kyani.

We also ship worldwide. Your order is shipped fast from your country of residence.

For assistance email info@kyaniteamgenesis.com.au or call 1300 710 099

What is Kyani? Kyani FAQs Answered Here


Question 1: I’ve read all the information about the ingredients in the Kyani products. I’d like to know how do they work together to benefit my health?

Healthy Nutrition

Answer 1: Without going into all the scientific and dietitian languages, let me give you an example. When you look at a mosaic tile, you see a delicately balanced, beautifully created design. All the various coloured pieces are precisely positioned and held together with a strong adhesive. If you look at your body as a mosaic tile, that is what Kyani products can do for you. All of the nutritional ingredients are exactly blended to flood your body with all the precisely measured and balanced vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other trace elements that your body needs on a daily basis to maintain optimal well-being. Kyani has done all of the research and analysis for you and put all of the essential ingredients into a tasty single serving.

Question 2: I do not have any medical issues, I exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet. What benefits would I get from taking Kyani products?

Answer 2: It is a known fact that as we age, our body’s functions tend to slow down. Today, your body is like a finely tuned, well-oiled, and maintained automobile. And, like an automobile, the older you are, the more maintenance and attention your body will require. Kyani is not a cure for any medical issues, but, it is a great way to provide your body with some of its daily nutritional needs.

Question 3: Do I drink Kyani Sunrise direct from the packet or do I need to dilute it in water?

Answer 3: How someone drinks Kyani Sunrise is a matter of personal taste. Some people enjoy the full fruity taste of Kyani Sunrise and other people want a milder taste, or want to make the serving last longer, so they will add more liquid to the serving. You can drink it full strength or dilute it in a glass of fruit juice or water, the choice is up to you. You will get all of the nutritional benefits of Kyani Sunrise whether you drink it at room temperature, or add it into a drink with ice.

Drinking Water

Question 4: It is better to take Kyani products on an empty stomach or with a meal?

Answer 4: There is no hard-and-fact way to take your Kyani supplements. The products are fully effective on their own, with or without food. Kyani does advocate that people maintain a healthy, well balanced diet. For most people, this means three meals a day. We also understand that not everyone wants to, or has the time to, begin their day with a breakfast. If you are one of those individuals that only eats two meals a day, having a one serving size of Kyani Sunrise in the morning can help you avoid the mid-morning slump that tends to impact people who skip breakfast.

The same principle applies to the evening serving of Kyani Sunset. It is fully effective on its own, with or without food. The significant purpose of Kyani Sunset is to help your body relax after a full day’s activities and to prepare your body for a good night’s rest.

Question 5: If I start to slow down during the day, can I take another serving of Kyani Sunrise?

Answer 5: It is okay to take Kyani Sunrise twice a day. But, as with all daily supplements, taking more than 100 percent of your body’s needs will not give you more nutrients. Anything more than 100 percent of the daily recommended allowance of a nutrient will not remain in your system for long. If you are looking for an added boost to your mental or physical performance, try one serving size of a Kyani Nitro supplement. Kyani Nitro FX is perfect as a pick-me-up for normal daily activities. Kyani Nitro Xtreme is ideal for stressful situations or for heavy workout routines. Kyani Nitro products is the purest form of Noni concentrate available that give you an added heart, muscle, and energy lift that lasts for hours.

Question 6: If Kyani Nitro products are so beneficial, can I take them more than once a day?

Answer 6: Yes, it is safe to take Kyani Nitro products once or twice a day. Because the boost lasts for several hours, it is not recommended to take an energy enhancing product several hours before going to bed as it may cause nervousness or sleeplessness just when you want to relax.

Question 7: Does Kyani offer a return policy if I don’t like the product?

Answer 7: Kyäni offers a 100%, 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee (less shipping charges) on all products purchased by Customers. Customers must return all used and unused products to Kyäni. Once received, Kyäni’s distribution centre will process all returns and refunds within 30 days after receipt of the product.

30 Day Customer Guarantee

Question 8: If I like the products, can I arrange to have monthly shipments or do I have to re-order every month?

Answer 8: Automatic monthly orders are available. It is called auto-ship and can be arranged through your local Kyani distributor on either the Buy Kyani page or Contact Us page for information. There are several advantages for customers who sign up for auto-ship. You get your supplements at less than retail price, there is free shipping (with Kyani Prime), and your products are shipped from the nearest distribution center. You also have the option to alter your monthly shipment by adding another product or deleting a product. Your satisfaction and convenience always comes first at Kyani.



Question 1: I am interested in earning extra income, how do I become a Kyani distributor?

Answer 1: Becoming a Kyani distributor is straight forward and easy. You can contact us to request a free Kyani business information kit, or you can click the Join Now button below to instantly start your own Kyani business.

Join NowQuestion 2: Do I have to invest a lot of money to become a distributor?

Answer 2: To become a distributor, you merely need to purchase one Kyani business distributor pack. There is no multi-thousand dollar pre-requisite investment like there is in traditional businesses with employee, rent and stock costs. You can read about the Kyani distributor plan by clicking on the Business Opportunity page.

Question 3: Do I need to maintain a large inventory of products for my customers?

Answer 3: No, you do not need to order, or to keep on hand, a diverse inventory of Kyani products. That is one of the most advantageous features of being a Kyani distributor; no inventory requirements at all. Of course, you’ll probably want to have a small supply of samples on hand to give to potential new customers. Otherwise, your customers will be ordering your products online. Kyani is not a brick-and-mortar company and the only way that people can get our products is to order them online from a distributor.

Question 4: Can I be a distributor part time, or do I have to quit my job to do this full time?

Answer 4: There is no need to quit your current employment when you decide to become a distributor and invest in yourself. You can decide how many hours and how many days a week are convenient for you. But, the Kyani compensation plan has a number of different ways that you can grow your own business and become financially independent is a short period of time. When you have reached your financial goals, you may well decide to say good-bye to working for other people now that you can make more income working for yourself.

Question 5: If I am a distributor in Australia, can I sell to customers in other countries?

Global Shopping

Answer 5: Absolutely. You can sell to anyone who makes a purchase through your Kyani web page. Their orders will be shipped from the fully stocked distributor center nearest to their delivery address. Kyani leadership encourages team building and cooperation, and that means that they do not restrict your sales to any one location.

For example, we also sell to USA, Canada, Asia, Europe and more!

Question 6: If I have never been in business for myself before, is there a lot of formalities to establish my own distributorship?

Answer 6: Not at all. When you join the Kyani business team, you become a part of a global network of other distributors and leaders who are ready to instruct and assist you in getting established. The first step is your determination to be your own boss. After that, you will never be alone in your progress because Kyani will help you every step of the way.


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