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Health and Wellness

While many people want to get healthy and improve overall wellness, these goals often feel easier said than done. In fact, these concepts may feel more like buzzwords or abstract theories instead of real life.

Experts understand, however, that health and wellness are actual practices that you can incorporate into your everyday life. Whether you need help implementing the research-supported practice or would like a step-by-step guide to creating your very own home gym, these health and wellness tutorials provide practical insight into upgrading your quality of life.

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Can Kyani products help fight coronavirus?





Why Being Healthy is Now More Important Than Ever


Neither Kyani nor any other supplement should claim to help with the disease. However, the current recommendation for stopping yourself and others from getting infected is to stay as healthy as possible.

Woman running





The Definitive Guide to Wearable Fitness for Weight Management


In the modern age, it is easy to encounter criticisms about not getting enough physical activity. From desk jobs and seated transportation to processed foods and high-calorie diets, there are constant reminders of how the modern lifestyle can make it more difficult to stay fit. Despite all of the negativity, why not give yourself credit […]

Fitness girl sitting on a floor





Inside Out: The Complete Guide to Emotional Intelligence for Happiness and Fitness


Many health enthusiasts focus on outward physical fitness to improve their appearance and overall well-being. But did you know that emotional fitness plays a key role in health and happiness as well? Research shows that emotional intelligence (EQ) helps regulate everything from immediate problem solving to interaction with others. And unlike many other intelligence quotients, the scientific […]

By being aware of mindfulness, you can make a positive impact in a number areas of your life





The No-Nonsense Guide to Mindfulness for Healthy Living (at Home and in the Workplace)


Mindfulness is currently one of the most popular buzzwords in exercise and fitness. And it is no wonder – who would not want to feel more equilibrium and balance within oneself and one’s surroundings?

Group of women making step aerobics





The Ultimate Guide to Functional Fitness


Functional fitness has become an increasingly popular catchphrase in exercise and wellness. While this form of fitness can have a positive impact on your appearance, the benefits of functional fitness extend much further and include improved health and longevity. Functional exercises can make your body stronger and more stable as well as increasing agility and […]

Own home gym





The Complete Guide to Creating Your Own Home Gym


Although many people like the concept of exercising at a gym, the reality of working out in a crowded facility after a tiring commute means that it is easy to fall short of gym-attendance goals. In fact, the inconvenience of driving back and forth to the gym as well as the expense of membership fees […]





10 Ways to Stay Fit With a Busy Lifestyle


Having a busy schedule is one of the most commonly cited hurdles to pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Between work and family obligations, many individuals find it hard to squeeze in a regular fitness routine. As a result, exercise can take a backseat to other priorities. Unfortunately, the extensive neglect of physical fitness can have grave […]

Young girl doing exercise bike with futuristic interface





How to Use Technology to Achieve Your Fitness Goals


While technology and artificial intelligence now play an increasingly large role in our lives, there is no reason to passively accept a sedentary lifestyle. Instead, you can use modern technology to create new exercise methods that increase your fitness achievements. Think of technology as an equaliser that increases access, knowledge, and productivity of workouts. If […]

Beautiful woman holding a juicy apricots, peaches





The Antioxidant Cleanse: How to Detox Your Body, Mind, and Soul


Following an extensive period of winter or stressful holiday season, there is often a lot of social media buzz about dietary detox or cleanses. Many of the detoxes and cleanses on the market today refer to tea or juice cleansing designed to “flush” the body of toxins. However, one of the scientifically backed ways to […]

Woman beautiful shape





Tips to Stay in Shape During the Holiday Season


Introduction Research has shown that Americans consume between 3,000 and 5,000 calories during holiday meals. Considering that this amount is more than many individuals eat in a given day, it is no wonder that you may have serious concerns about holiday weight gain. Fortunately, there are ways to work around this without sacrificing fun with […]

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