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April 22, 2019 | Written by Brad Russell

How to Use Technology to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Young girl doing exercise bike with futuristic interface
While technology and artificial intelligence now play an increasingly large role in our lives, there is no reason to passively accept a sedentary lifestyle.

Instead, you can use modern technology to create new exercise methods that increase your fitness achievements. Think of technology as an equaliser that increases access, knowledge, and productivity of workouts.

If you are looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of exercising, the following hacks can show you how to use technology to reach new levels in health and fitness.

1. Use Wearable Fitness Technology

Smart technology has enabled athletes and fitness enthusiasts to take their workouts with them wherever they go. Even if you are a neophyte to the workout scene, using portable technology makes exercise convenient and helps keep you accountable. There have been so many innovations in this sector that you could actually plan an entire outfit around wearable tech.

Wrist trackers are the most popular items in the wearable technology market. These trackers include Fitbit wristwatches (I personally have the Fitbit Ionic which I LOVE!), “smart” sports watches, and Garmin wristbands.

Most wrist activity trackers are waterproof and keep a log of stats such as daily miles, number of steps, heart rate, and calories burned. Other devices also calculate body mass index (BMI) and can make helpful predictions based on your height and weight. Since most of these trackers are wireless, you can sync and share data with personal trainers, workout buddies, or friends.

Another trend in the category of wearable fitness technology is the creation of “smart fabric.” This type of fabric features an interwoven sensor that measures heart rate, respiratory rate, daily miles, and calories burned. There are also unique subcategories in smart fabric such as posture corrector sleeves and smart waist trimmers.

2. Invest in Interactive Gym Equipment

Gone are the days of mindlessly pedaling away on a stationary bike. With the rise of virtual reality and new equipment such as interactive treadmills, you can transform any workout into an adventure trek.

Examples of interactive gym equipment include treadmills that display paths through mountains and woods, elliptical machines that automatically change incline and speed, and virtual reality systems that simulate traveling through jungles or safaris.

3. Sip Fluids Using Smart Water Bottles

Women holding a bottle of water in handDrinking water is essential for digestion, cardiovascular health, flushing out toxins, and boosting energy levels.

For workouts, water is paramount to staying hydrated, lubricating joints, stimulating muscles, and supporting the endocrine system. In spite of this, many individuals struggle to drink the recommended amount of water each day.

Fortunately, some water bottles now come equipped with smart technology. Water bottle brands like Hidrate Spark, HydraCoach, and Ozmo use smart technology to remind you to drink enough water. These bottles illuminate or vibrate when it is time to consume water, track how much water you drink throughout the day, and connect with your smartphone so that you can share information with other fitness apps.

4. Take Your Pick of Personal Training Apps

With the advent of smartphones, you do not have to travel far and wide to find a fitness class. You can find personal trainers and yoga studios who offer free classes (such as these) on video-sharing sites like Vimeo or YouTube. Smartphones also enable you to find special-interest classes on sites like MindBodyOnline, ClassPass, or

5. Get Excited About Gamefication

Gamefication is one of the most promising frontiers in the field of exercise physiology. Simply put, “gamefying” a workout means transforming conventional exercise into a competition or game.

For example, instead of joining a running team, you can participate in an adult scavenger hunt or location-based game. Research has found that gamefication can produce phenomenal results.

A July 2018 study published in the National Library of Medicine found that a gamefication accelerometer increased physical fitness levels in otherwise sedentary office workers. Participants in the study played MapTrek, a web-based game displays person’s digital avatar on Google Maps based on their real-life number of steps each day. At the end of the study, researchers found that participants playing the game took an average of 2,092 more steps each day compared to those who did not.

Other studies involving pervasive games and ubiquitous computing have produced similar results. Sign up for a web-based game to motivate yourself and keep track of every step toward your fitness goals.

6. Use a Membership Software Site to Join a Local Sports Team

If you are interested in turning your workout into more of a hobby, consider joining a local sports team. Keep in mind that “sports” can be a lot more than basketball and soccer.

Forbes compiled a list of healthiest team sports based on the physiological components of fitness, low injury risk, and overall energy expenditure. The top five sports listed included squash, rowing, rock climbing, swimming, and cross-country skiing. Researchers found that each of these sports can improve body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, and muscular strength. Membership software websites like make it easier than ever to find a local sports team in a nearby location.

7. Upgrade Your Home With Fitness Technology Inside and Out

Exercising at home with VR glasses
Due to the rise of innovative furniture and appliances, you can now find home upgrades that cater to practically every interest. Use these new furniture items and home appliances to transform your house into a fitness-friendly zone.

For example, you can take multitasking to the next level with home office furniture like the TrekDesk. This desk features an adjustable-height workstation that fits over any standard treadmill, allowing you to work out while completing office tasks such as crunching numbers or updating spreadsheets.

Instead of the normal bathroom scale, use a smart measuring scale like the Withings body cardio scale. It can calculate BMI, body fat percentage, and muscle mass while syncing to fitness data on your smartphone.

Equip your family room or media room with Wii Fit U for an intense video-game workout. If you have an outdoor pool, consider purchasing an underwater MP3 player for swimming workouts. You can also buy a weighted hula hoop or mini trampoline for more backyard fun.

The Bottom Line

Many fitness professionals have feared that the modern lifestyle severely restricts healthy physical activity. With the right application of technology, however, you can overcome this dilemma and streamline the latest inventions to fit your personal workout needs. Select your favorite exercise gadgets, tools, and hacks to create your own fitness revolution.

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