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June 27, 2017 | Written by Brad Russell

What Is the Kyani Potato Pack?

Kyani, a global health and wellness leader known for its innovative nutritional supplements and premium line of skin care products, also places a strong focus on giving back. Kyani’s mission is bringing the promise of hope and a better life to disadvantaged individuals through opportunity and wellness. The company strives to fulfill this mission throughout the world by helping people improve their health with natural supplements and improve their lives with an unmatched business opportunity.

Kyani’s Emphasis on Giving Back

Because Kyani’s founders emphasise the importance of helping others ‘Experience More’ as part of the company’s core beliefs, it has led them to place a strong focus on giving back. This passion for helping others improve their lives is the basis for Kyani’s foundation, Caring Hands. Kirk Hansen, Kyani’s Founder and Chairman, profoundly states that “Kyani Caring Hands is only part of what we do, but it’s all of who we are.

What Is Kyani’s Caring Hands Foundation?

Caring HandsCaring Hands is a charitable foundation formed and supported by the founders, executives, and members of Kyani. The founders of Kyani believe that the true measure of success is not based on how much you have, but what you do for others. Caring Hands strives to fulfill this belief by offering ways to improve the lives of those in need and providing hope to individuals that are hopeless.

The mission of the Caring Hands Program is to bring hope and relief to people who lack the opportunity to help themselves. Caring Hands offers assistance and nutritional support to struggling families in underdeveloped regions and contributes to disaster relief efforts around the globe.

For people that are entrapped in poverty, their entire goal each day is just keeping themselves and their family alive. There is zero time to think about a career, education, or improving their current situation. They are strictly in survival mode and devoid of hope. Fortunately, Kyani’s Caring Hands foundation is determined to change that through its culture of service and giving.

What Is the Potato Pak?

Kyani Potato Pak

The Kyani Potato Pak, packaged in a convenient pouch, provides life-sustaining nutrition to individuals who lack the ability to feed themselves or their family. This nutritious pouch is one of the keys of the Caring Hands foundation.

Each serving, carefully designed by the Scientific Advisory Board, boasts over 10 grams of high-quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals. When you purchase this product as either part of your initial customer order, or your regular monthly autoship, The Potato Pack is donated directly to individuals that are struggling to meet their basic nutritional needs and can make a significant impact on the quality of their life.

Trust us, you’ll feel great buying one of these packs in 5, 15 or 45 serving sizes!

Kyani’s International Impact Through Caring Hands

Kyani has travelled to some of the most remote corners of the world to help individuals that are struggling to help themselves and provide nutrition to individuals that are suffering. They also strive to help communities educate their children and provide shelter from the elements through the building and improvement of schools.

Kyani’s Caring Hands is a chance to provide a life-changing donation to someone in need, whether through a monetary donation or the purchase of a Potato Pak. These contributions help individuals that lack basic nutrition or communities that are in need of disaster relief. Donations to the Caring Hands foundation also help provide sanitation training, supplies, and facilities for struggling communities.


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